Why Is Artificial Grass So Popular?

Why Is Artificial Grass So Popular?

09 Sep Why Is Artificial Grass So Popular?

Faking It, For A Pristine Lawn

We look at the on-going rise in popularity of artificial grass and reveal why it’s charming home owners across Essex.

We’ve all seen, bought, or perhaps in the case of tanning products, applied some ‘fake’ products in our time, and the results are not always that great. But what about the garden? Could you buy imitation products here and fare better than your previous attempts to fake? If you’re looking at artificial grass, then the answer is yes!

Artificial grass has always been applauded as a low maintenance alternative to traditional ‘real’ grass lawns, and now it’s even been the subject of a Which? Gardening Piece. In this conversation piece the writer makes an interesting point about the time spent on different tasks in her garden. Pruning, weeding, feeding, and can you guess which task was the least rewarding?

Lawns can be labour intensive and problematic, and this is just one of the reasons artificial grass is so popular, and as Which? covered in their article, has even been seen at a National Trust Property.

Why Lay Artificial Grass?

It’s easy to say that fake grass is popular with lazy gardeners and its fuss free, but the popularity of artificial lawns goes further than that. Here’s a few reasons why it’s first choice.

It can be used all year round – avoid the muddy mess that comes with winter washouts, or uncomfortable straw in summer droughts, and use your artificial lawn all year round. It’s also perfect for dry summers, something which Essex lawns suffer from, so no more patchy, yellow lawns!

It looks realistic – okay, as this humorous commentary in the Telegraph says, “you get what you pay for, and the cheapest grass looks more like a short pile carpet” – some products are very ‘astro turf’, but order from an artificial grass installer, and you’ll see just how much the products have improved. Our range includes soft woven greens with the colour and tone of a summer garden. There are products suitable for roof gardens, terraces, and larger lawn areas. Let’s look at some of the benefits.

Erase problem patches – if you have an area of lawn that just won’t grow as well as the rest, perhaps due to its shady location or nearby moisture sapping trees, then consider replacing the problem patches or even the whole lawn with ‘fake’ grass. You’d be surprised how even a patch will blend in.

Miracle-SIDELess Maintenance – So many things can be carried in the breeze, or appear thanks to poorly treated turf, so it is popular to lay our grass to avoid the work involved in getting rid of moss, grasses, and fast spreading weeds.

It looks good all year round – it’s been said in jest on many articles around the subject, but yes the grass could be greener on the other side. The products are matched to suit a garden at different times of the summer, interwoven with some brown roots to achieve a realistic look, and an overall colour to enjoy 365 days of the year.

Artificial grass is never going to replicate all that you get from a natural lawn, but it provides different opportunities, and with plenty of scope for landscaping around the perimeter, there’s still plenty of opportunity to encourage wildlife in too.

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