Terms and Conditions

AGI Terms & Conditions


Artificial Grass:


The Base / Surface Area

AGI will provide a base and Artificial Grass area that is flat. We may build in a slight but imperceptible bow in the centre of the lawn for extra drainage purposes. Nearly every garden has some kind of gradient and unless the customer specifically requests otherwise we maintain that gradient during our installation process. Where the customer requests the elimination of a gradient which involves the removal of more earthworks than a standard installation AGI reserves the right to adjust our quotations upwards to meet the cost of extra manpower resource and disposal of additional spoil.


AGI takes pride in making all seams as invisible as possible. However, seams are occasionally visible due to the manufacturing structure of the product. This is unfortunately inevitable and can be influenced by a number of factors. Our warranty does not cover seam visibility.


Due to the nature of Artificial Grass creases or similar marks may appear when loaded to the roller following manufacture, during transportation or storage at the supplier; this is not a fault with the grass. Creases will fall out within three months of the grass being installed. The grass is not faulty if delivered with creases. Should creases still exist after three months then AGI will work with the customer and our supplier to ascertain if a fault exists that warrants a replacement of the affected grass. The final decision to replace any grass rests with our supplier. Grass will only usually be replaced where a fault affects the usability and functionality of the grass


AGI uses grass from the same batch to ensure there are no slight colour differences. Therefore please be aware if you want to add more grass to an area at a later date there may be a slight colouration difference due to batch variations. AGI cannot be liable for any differences in the colour for the same product if ordered separately.
The colour of goods may vary slightly from that shown on the website due to variations in browser software and computer / tablet screens.


While Artificial Grass is very low maintenance compared to organic lawns it is not no maintenance so it is important to follow the guidelines below:
• Brush the grass regularly with a medium stiff broom or  plastic rake
• Keep the grass free of debris and leaves otherwise moss can appear
• Remove leaves using a leaf blower or rake.
• Remove any weeds immediately to prevent seed dispersal.

• Remove grass or weeds that grow between the outer edge of the base and a path, patio or fence etc.
• Use water based detergent and clean water to rinse off any coloured spills.
• Remove pet excrement immediately using a scoop and rinse with water based detergent and water.
• Even though our Artificial Grass is fire retardant avoid contact with hot materials such as barbeque coals

Product Guarantee

All grasses we supply and install come with an 8 year UV sunlight fade manufacturer’s warranty. Any other issues with the Artificial Grass is dealt with on a case by case basis between us and our supplier. This is subject to fair wear and tear and is subject to the owner adhering to Maintenance guidelines (above) and the following exclusions

• The grass is designed to match the effects of real grass. Continued usage in a particular area will cause it to curl and crush. This is not covered by the guarantee

• Burns or cut damage, accidental or vandalism damage, negligence or neglect

• AGI does not recommend that customers have rotary washing lines installed in our Artificial Grass. This is because the load on the line can cause movement of the pole at ground level which can disturb the sub base in the area around the pole spike. Also installation of a rotary line means piercing the weed membrane which will cause weeds to grow out of the pole hole. If a customer still wishes to have a rotary line installed it is their responsibility if the sub base is disturbed and dips or subsidence occurs.

• Damage, subsidence or upheaval to the grass, timber surround, weed membrane or sub base due to tree root growth or any other external influence either from the customer, neighbouring or council areas

• Damage, subsidence or upheaval to the grass, timber surround, weed membrane or sub base due to tampering by the customer post installation

• Damage, subsidence or upheaval to the grass, timber surround, weed membrane or sub base due to ground subsidence or movement below the sub base. The sub base is a permeable area and is not a solid base such as those used for garages etc. Therefore while AGI provides a firm and flat base at the time of installation we cannot foresee whether the ground below the sub base will move post installation. It is possible for tree and plant roots to surface yards away from their source either from a customer or neighbouring garden and we cannot forecast how quickly this may happen as we are not tree and plant specialists. During the base preparation AGI will clear any visibile weeds however AGI will not cut away tree roots unless instructed to by the customer in writing and that the customer will accept responsibility for any impact on the life span of the tree.  Customers should also be aware that bamboo is a notoriously difficult plant to eliminate and that even if dug out its roots can reappear on the surface either very quickly or months later and several yards from the original site of the plant. AGI is not responsible for any impact bamboo can have on its products

• None domestic animal damage including but not exclusive to badgers, rats, moles and foxes

• While our grass is pet friendly our guarantee does not cover damage from dogs, cats, rabbits or any other domestic pet

• Reflective heat damage from mirrors and / or glass onto the product

• Use of improper footwear or sports equipment

• The surface being used for a purpose other than that for which it was designed and installed

• Application of improper cleaning methods, use of cleaning chemicals, herbicides or pesticides

• Forces Majeure or other conditions beyond the reasonable control of AGI
• Failure to properly maintain or protect the product.

The final decision to replace any grass rests with our supplier. Grass will only usually be replaced where a fault affects the usability and functionality of the grass

Postponement and cancellation of installation dates

  • Meeting agreed installation dates is very important to AGI as we do not like to let our customers down and disappoint them. While we work hard to complete all installations on time we cannot control the weather, unforeseen complexities that arise once we start a job or staff sickness. If we do miss an agreed installation date then we will rebook the customer in for the first available date in the diary
  • AGI reserves the right to cancel installations completely if it feels it is not in the interests of the company to go ahead
  • If an installation is postponed or cancelled AGI is not responsible for any third party costs to the customer as a result of the postponement or cancellation

Resin Surfaces


  • Our resin surfaces are hand trowelled in a similar way to plastering a wall. While we take every care to provide an even finish, due to the fact that resin is a stone surface and is hand trowelled we cannot guarantee that there will not be some variations on the finished surface.
  • AGI installs resin to manufacturer processes and instructions. AGI will not be responsible for defective resin products. In the event of a suspected defective product AGI will contact the manufacturer on behalf of the customer but any further action will be undertaken by the customer.
  • In very rare cases resin bond can be affected by frost or freezing conditions like any other wet laid product. This is not the fault of AGI installations
  • The finished surface should be swept clear of loose aggregate once a month for the first 12 months. This is not included as a service in the estimate price.
  • Oil or contaminant spills should be cleaned immediately
  • If the underlying base suffers from movement or subsidence it may result in reflective cracking of the resin surface. AGI is not responsible for such movement or resulting reflective cracking.
  • The polyeurothane binder is UV sensitive and may undergo minor colour changes in direct sunlight. Fumed silica used to apply the rubber to any vertical can alter the colour blend permanently. Batch number changes may differ slightly in colour
  • Be aware that although small level inconsistencies can be removed, all flooring installed will follow the contours of the existing sub base or surface and is a porous product. Any issues regarding the existing sub base or surface must be brought to the attention of the contractor prior to work commencement
  • We may need to include occasional joints in the final surface depending on the area laid and other factors


Force Majeure

• AGI shall not be liable to the Buyer for any loss or damage which may be suffered by the Buyer as a direct or indirect result of the supply of goods by the Seller being prevented, hindered, delayed, cancelled or rendered uneconomic by reason of circumstance or events beyond AGI’s reasonable control (“force majeure circumstances”) including but not limited to Act of God, war, riot, strike, lock out, trade dispute or labour disturbance, accident, break-down of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm, difficulty or increased expense in obtaining workman, materials or transport, or other circumstances affecting the supply of the goods or of raw materials by AGI’s normal source of supply of manufacture or the goods by AGI’s normal means of delivery of the goods by the Sellers normal route or means of delivery.

• In force majeure circumstances AGI may in its sole discretion terminate any contract for the supply of goods pursuant to these conditions or cancel delivery of goods to the Buyer or may, with the agreement of the Buyer, deliver the goods at an agreed rate of delivery commencing after any suspension of deliveries.

• If due to force majeure circumstances AGI has insufficient stocks to meet all its commitments AGI may apportion available stocks between its customers at its sole discretion.

Quotations and Acceptance

A quotation by AGI does not constitute an offer and AGI reserves the right to withdraw or revise the same at any time prior to AGI’s acceptance of the Buyers order. Any quotations shall in any event lapse unless AGI accepts an order form the Buyer within 30 days of the quotation.

Terms of Payment

Payment from the customer to AGI is on the day of completion of the works.
Full payment is required even if creases or seams are visible (see above)
Once payment is received AGI will invoice the customer within 24 hours
Customers should not agree to a start date with AGI if they cannot meet the payment terms

Consumer Rights

None of the above Terms and Conditions affects your statutory consumer rights.