Not at all. There is a big difference with respect to many factors such as colour, density, realistic look and feel, and UV colour-fade protection. Please make sure that you always request samples to compare like for like. At Artificial Grass Installers we always offer the best product for its purpose.


How long a guarantee does Artificial Grass Installers offer?

We offer a full 8 years guarantee! We guarantee that.

How do synthetic grass lawns compare to natural grass?

They don’t, in a nutshell.. They are two totally separate entities. If you are reading this, there is a good chance that your natural lawn is not growing very well, it is probably a muddy and mossy mess and potentially burned out!  Maybe you have a new construction or are planning a major landscape makeover. The cost of real grass or seed is absolutely not comparable with a synthetic turf project.  Natural grass is super cheap initially, and for a reason–you must maintain it consistently, and even then it may not grow properly. A synthetic lawn needs almost no maintenance and is therefore a home improvement, comparable to adding a patio or a deck.

The prices I am getting are all different, how can I truly compare one to another?

Be sure to ask if there are any other costs or fees that may be associated with your project, and ask to see samples side by side if possible. Ask for a total cost, including all fees + VAT. Make sure that you compare like with like.

Does Artificial Grass Installers offer an installation only service?

Do you offer supply only as well?  We offer both services. For supply only, 90% of our deliveries are made within 24hrs once payment is received.

How long is your waiting list?

This varies, usually it is not more than a few weeks. If a company does not have a wait, ask yourself why that may be so!

I have dogs. Is this going to be a problem with synthetic turf?

No. Our turf is fade resistant and is extremely pet-friendly. Over 95% of our customers are dog owners, they generally tell us that their pets absolutely love artificial grass.  To quote just one: ‘I think I’ve found a fabulous bargain for my landscape artificial grass project!’ – we hope that says it all!

Is there anything special that I should be concerned about?

In the current economy, we have been asked to replace an extraordinary number of artificial grass  projects. Many contractors are trying new types of work to generate income (working with artificial grass sounds easy and simple but actually involves hundreds of details that are critical to a good outcome) – and the results are pitiful. A terrific bargain is only a good deal if you like and want to keep what you purchased. Tread carefully, it’s a minefield out there!

What kind of base should be under the artificial turf? Should it be rock, concrete, sand, or something else?
If you are replacing your existing lawn, then the best base for drainage, stability, and longevity is using an infill of 6mm granite chippings to dust. Once this has been well compacted,  it will then be screeded to the perfect contour to suit your landscaping requirements.
Can I do part of the work myself?

Can I do part of the work myself?

 I’m very handy.Possibly, please get in touch and we will be happy to advise you through it step by step.

Will the seams show?And why do I keep hearing the terms “pile height”, and “density”?
The correct type of turf combined with highly skilled seaming techniques will ensure virtually invisible seams. The pile height is descriptive of the length of the artificial turf and the density is the number of yarns per square inch. Both are critical components of quality. You have to see and touch them to appreciate the difference.
Will there be any hidden costs associated with my project?
We will thoroughly review all of the costs associated with your project, from excavation to finish work. There will be no surprises. You will know just where you are with us up front, have no fear!

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