The Artificial Grass Is Always Greener

28 Mar The Artificial Grass Is Always Greener

Lush green artificial grassPeople nowadays lust after a well-manicured, tidy and fresh looking lawn. It can completely transform a property to make it eye-catching and attractive, and can give a house a comfortable outside place to play, unwind and relax.

Growing grass can be a big job as it requires a lot of time, patience and dedication, not forgetting the financial investment into products to preserve the lawn and the human hours needed to look after it.

This is where artificial grass comes into play. It’s more attractive, requires less effort in terms of maintenance and will look fantastic no matter the season. A synthetic law is often so natural-looking that it is impossible to tell it apart from real grass. We can vouch for this; our range of artificial grass comes in a variety of textures and tones to create an artificial lawn that looks anything but artificial.

Synthetic lawns are great for those who want to create a garden with precision but at the same time save water and money in the long run. Our artificial grass comes in a range of two-tone shades to ensure it looks as authentic as possible. We have the grass for every occasion; whether it be for gardening and landscaping, around patios and pools or thick and healthy for areas of heavy traffic, we have you covered.

Artificial grass can be installed on top of concrete blocks, paving or your current garden. Synthetic grass does not require any watering as it is self-preserving. On the flip side, if you live in a climate where it rains a lot, an artificial lawn can cope well in heavy downpours as the water can flow through a set of holes and drain away. Faux grass also eliminates the use of pesticides, weed killers and other chemicals that are often used to grow and protect lawns, but are very harmful to the environment.

The artificial lawn can be used through every season, it is durable enough to withstand children playing, animals scratching and heavy footfall. When combined with landscaping, it creates a low maintenance dream garden that will look fantastic every day.

Artificial grass isn’t just for the outside, many people are bringing the concept indoors as a way to freshen up a house, create a centre piece or to help create a calming, relaxing atmosphere. Businesses are bucking the trend by having synthetic grass on their walls and ceilings to turn them into focal points for attraction.

Whether you’re looking at revamping your garden, jazzing up a roof terrace or fancy creating a centre piece in the home, we are here to provide you with ideas on how to transform your space, get in touch today to find out more!

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