Summer Is Here! Replace The Old Grass With The Perfect Lawn

22 May Summer Is Here! Replace The Old Grass With The Perfect Lawn

artificial lawn with patio and bordersWhy it’s worth considering replacing real grass with an artificial surface to save on maintenance especially due to wetter conditions earlier this year.

Enjoy Your Lawn Without The Maintenance by Installing Artificial Grass

Warmer weather and longer days as spring advances and summer beckons usually heralds the opportunity to enjoy the lawn and garden by spending more time outdoors. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be postponed if conditions are still a bit wetter than we’d otherwise like, and grass is still damp and maybe out of condition.

Those with artificial surfaces don’t have to worry about this; wet conditions don’t cause an issue and there’s no maintenance to speak of, so as soon as warmer weather arrives they can hit the outdoors. We have fake grasses for all occasions, from the relatively short Madeira artificial grass through to the luxurious Vienna artificial grass

Putting a Dampener on Things

We’ve had a rather wet start to the year not to mention some severely cold weather, so it’s made it difficult for householders to do any meaningful maintenance on their grass. The net result is that some lawns are in a sorry state and can’t be properly enjoyed once the warmer weather arrives – indeed, instead of relaxing in the garden time is more likely to be spent on lawn maintenance to try and coax the grass back into a decent condition.

The Maintenance Free Option

riviera sideIn one fell swoop an artificial surface does away with such concerns. With pretty much zero maintenance and the ability – with the best artificial grass installations – to allow rainwater to drain away quickly, artificial grass allows you to focus on enjoying your lawn as opposed to spending hours tending to it.

Artificial grass technology has advanced significantly in recent years, so is consequently becoming more popular in more gardens as it offers the benefits of a real grass surface minus the drawbacks:

No maintenance – apart from the occasional brushing away of debris, artificial surfaces don’t require maintenance so that’s a huge amount of time saved when you consider the hours spent mowing, watering, trimming, fertilising and treating natural grass.

Cost savings long term – while installing an artificial surface may cost more than laying turf initially, you’ll save money over the long term:

  • Lower water bill – no watering of the grass required
  • Fuel and electricity – no extra electricity required to run an electric mower or buying petrol for a motor mower
  • Feeds and fertilisers – no expense on these required at all

Kinder to the environment – some say artificial surfaces harm the environment but this isn’t really the case as they’re mostly made from recycled materials. Indeed, conventional grass can actually be harsher to the environment than artificial types:

Noise – no more noise pollution through using mowers

Chemicals – no more chemicals possibly running off the lawn and into drains as feeds and fertilisers aren’t required

Water and power savings – no water, electricity or fossil fuels are used since no mowing or watering is required. Over the several years an artificial lawn would last – a minimum of 20 – these cost savings would mount up.

Choice of surface – while it can be difficult to get real grass to ‘behave’ and grow in the style you prefer, artificial grass can be specified in various types such as a closely mown or a longer bladed style so you achieve the exact surface you desire.

The Climate Question

Along with the maintenance free aspect, general climate change is considered a key reason why artificial surfaces are likely to be seen in more gardens as time goes on. Rising temperatures and increased rainfalls over more concentrated periods will make it harder for UK householders to maintain their natural lawns and gardens, so making artificial surfaces the possible answer.

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