How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

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25 Oct How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

How long artificial grass should last and basic steps to help it last as long as possible. Choosing the best quality grass and installation for a lasting surface.

Can you be looking forward to maintenance free grass in the long term?

Artificial grass has gained considerably in popularity in recent years; the quality has vastly improved causing the idea of a largely maintenance free surface offering the benefits of the real thing to catch on. A key question asked by many considering taking the plunge with fake grass is ‘how long will it last?’

The answer is around 20 years, but certain factors play a part. It’s also worth clarifying what is meant by ‘lasting’. Along with the general condition is its colour – how long will it stay looking the shade of green you originally specified?


Good quality artificial grass, preferably professionally installed, should give about 20 years of service. Cheaper roll-on types available from certain DIY centres is unlikely to last this sort of time frame; it’s more likely to be a few years at best and that’s not counting probable signs of wear that could appear before then.

We offer a comprehensive artificial grass range that can help you match the exact type of fake grass to suit the look you want and the use you’ll put it to.


The type of use you put your surface to will make a difference. Artificial grass undergoing lots of heavy use will obviously wear quicker than some experiencing very little footfall.

That said, good quality fake grass should stand up to some rigorous use while real grass would need repair and maintenance. It may even need replacement in whole or in part under severe use, especially in conditions that would accelerate wear such as wetter weather.

Maintenance and care

A major benefit of artificial grass is the minimal maintenance required compared to the cutting, weeding, watering and general care real grass needs. That said, a modicum of attention is required on a fake surface to maximise its longevity.

A few simple maintenance tasks:

Brushing – it’s a good idea to keep blades upright, so brushing can lift them up if some have become downtrodden. Brushing also helps keep the surface clear of debris such as leaves and twigs – too much debris build up could affect the drainage which, long term, could possibly shorten the life of the grass.

Pets – if pets use the surface then their waste should be cleared away as promptly as possible.

Weeds – these are uncommon on artificial grass surfaces as, assuming you’ve had a proper professional installation, a weed membrane is laid beneath the surface.

If you do happen to notice any weeds or moss growing, then only use a water based weed killer and follow the directions carefully.

Little and often

The above basics don’t take very long so the key is to undertake them little and often. A few minutes here and there should see your grass last a good couple of decades.

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