Fake Front Lawns Could Reduce Drainage Problems

Artificial front lawn

26 Apr Fake Front Lawns Could Reduce Drainage Problems

Save Money On Your Annual Water Bill With An Artificial Lawn

Homeowners use less water and save money when installing a fake lawn in their garden. A professional company will ensure that excellent drainage is in place.

There are many reasons why homeowners invest in an artificial lawn for their garden. Fake grass is low-maintenance and requires very little in terms of time or upkeep costs, which makes it ideal for anyone who has a busy lifestyle, as well as the elderly or those with mobility problems.

Artificial lawns are also the perfect option for a garden which experiences heavy usage – areas such as the bottom of a slide, or the mouth of a football goal can quickly become a mess on grass. Families need not put up with a muddy, slippery lawn which can be a real eyesore. However, the benefits of artificial lawns go far beyond aesthetics and easy maintenance.

Use Of Hosepipes

Even in the UK, we often experience stretches of intensely hot weather that mean we need to tend to our gardens more to keep them looking fresh. It is estimated that 75% of a residential home’s water supply is used to irrigate the lawn during a hot spell.

Whilst some environmentally-conscious homeowners choose to recycle bath water, or install a water butt to capture the run-off to use on their gardens, many people turn to the good old hose pipe to hydrate the lawn. This can often cause a pooling of water which lies on the surface of the grass, particularly when the weather is exceptionally dry and the ground is hard. Hosepipes are also made from materials which can contain harmful chemicals such as BPA, lead or other toxins which may be present in the water supply that runs through it. This is not only bad for your garden, but also for yourself, your children or any pets who come into contact with it.

If you want to clean up your garden lawn, for the sake of your health and the environment, while cutting down on your water bill, then consider investing in an artificial lawn.

Reduce Drainage Problems

The key to having a fake lawn that drains successfully is to use a reputable company to install it. An inexperienced fitter may not put enough care into laying adequate foundations for the lawn, which will result in the accumulation of water pools. When installed correctly, an artificial lawn will not stay wet for very long, which is especially important in periods of downpour, or if you have pets that urinate on it. Many people are unaware that a fake lawn which is installed professionally could also reduce drainage problems in the garden.

Permeable grass is essential for a home garden project. It includes a backing which has lots of tiny holes in it to drain away the water. Of course, it is also necessary to consider how the subsurface layer of water will drain, and so it would be unwise to install a fake lawn on top of black earth. When using a concrete or asphalt surface, it is vital to create a drainage system to funnel water away from the lawn. There are many different options for doing so, which vary depending on your individual garden layout. Often, a long-lasting layer of 6mm granite chippings which is compacted will make the perfect base for your lawn in terms of drainage and stability.

If you’re looking for a professional installer of fake lawns in Enfield, or elsewhere in the surrounding Greater London area, then get in touch. We can provide a competitive quote and offer a completely bespoke service to suit your needs. Get in touch today.

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