Enjoy The Feel Of Grass With Artificial Grass Furniture

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29 Jul Enjoy The Feel Of Grass With Artificial Grass Furniture

The Many Ways This Versatile Material Can Be Used

Artificial lawns aren’t just for the garden – they can be used everywhere around the home!

We’re a nation of keen gardeners, and for many of us, a lush green lawn is the ultimate garden status symbol. It’s not just outdoors that grass is in vogue though – it’s making waves in interior design too. Inspired by the great British summer and the green tennis courts of Wimbledon, people decorating their homes or businesses are opting to include some artificial grass in their schemes. Here’s why it’s an ace both outdoors and in.

Unique Furniture

When you think of upholstering furniture, it’s probably fabric that comes to mind. Last week though, a company called Bespoke Sofa London unveiled a chair inspired by Wimbledon. A traditional Queen Anne style armchair made from solid beech, it was upholstered using artificial grass. The result? A really striking piece of furniture! So why not experiment with some artificial turf in your own home? It would make a fun addition to a conservatory suite, and thanks to its resilient nature you can use it on your outdoor furniture too. If you’re a little hesitant, try it on some smaller pieces, like cushions or a footstool.

Great For Kids

Everyone knows that kids love the great outdoors – so why not bring a little bit of it into their nursery or playroom? A rug made from artificial grass makes the perfect setting for their games – ones involving animals and toy cars will be made especially more realistic for them. After all, it’s important for a child to develop an active imagination through play. You could also cover storage boxes in artificial turf, transforming the mundane into something a little more magical.

Brighten Up Business Displays

If you want to create a striking window display, then some artificial grass is a great option. Whether you’re selling gardening tools, sports equipment or something completely different, a themed display using some artificial turf will really attract the attention of passing customers. The importance of a good window display can’t be underestimated, so why not pull out the stops with yours?

Revamp Your Garden

Really though, you can’t beat laying an artificial lawn outdoors. We all lead busy lives, and sometimes our gardens can suffer as a result. With an artificial lawn in place, you don’t need to worry about getting the lawnmower out or banishing weeds from the grass. Like we’ve said, artificial grass can be used to create all kinds of design features, and those can easily be bought outside due to the weatherproof nature of the material. Whether your garden is big or small, a plot of artificial grass takes all the hard work out of gardening but leaves you with a great looking lawn all year around.

Experiment With Some Turf In Your Home

As you can see, there are many ways that artificial grass can be used. Whether you use it to decorate your home, generate customer’s interest or just stick to using it for its original purpose outdoors, you can be sure that it will stand up to even the most vigorous of use. As a result, you can enjoy some greenery all year around without the worry of needing to maintain it.

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