Create The Perfect Autumn Garden

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12 Sep Create The Perfect Autumn Garden

Don’t Abandon Your Outdoor Living Space Just Yet

4 ways to transform your garden into a magical space to enjoy. Find out how to keep warm, stay mud-free and attract beautiful wildlife this autumn.

Are you packing away your garden sets and migrating inside now that the temperatures have dropped and the nights are drawing in? It’s a shame to abandon your extra living space at this time of year when it’s served you well over the summer. Although it’s fantastic to cosy up next to the fire and watch the latest boxset in your living room, there’s really no reason you can’t also make use of your outdoor area and enjoy it all year round. Here are some of the best ways to create the perfect autumn garden this year.

Keeping Warm

The good old British weather is one of the biggest challenges to appreciating your garden after summer has passed. But don’t let it stop you; there are a handful of creative ways to keep warm. Consider adding an attractive feature such as a firepit to your garden if space allows – these are a fantastic focal point and are a great way to hang out with friends and family, enjoying pleasant conversation and perhaps even toasting marshmallows. There are some mini versions available for those with less patio space, but safety must be a consideration and it is advisable that you place the pit at least 10 feet from your house, fence or any overhanging trees. If this rules out installing a firepit in your garden, then opt for an attractive chimenea instead and keep a trunk of thick, woollen blankets to layer over you as you sit around it.

Entertaining The Kids

Children have plenty of energy at any time of year, so making use of your garden throughout autumn and winter can be a life-saver for parents. But damp leaves and muddy lawns can cause injuries at worst and create a huge amount of mess on your porch at best. Switch your slippery decking for some quality paving stones which are less likely to cause accidents, and finish by installing a quality artificial lawn. Fake grass in Bury St Edmunds has become an exceptionally popular choice for homeowners who enjoy the durability of the material and low maintenance required. No more muddy footprints on your carpets!

Attracting Wildlife

Although many gardeners tend to tidy up at the end of summer, try not to overdo it, or else you risk removing much of the shelter that wildlife needs to thrive over the winter. Leave ivy climbing your walls to attract birds, whilst dry plant stems growing from the ground make wonderful places for frost and spider webs to hang from. You’ll simply love looking out of your window and watching a robin enjoy the berries from your frosty trees.

Planting Perennials

Your garden doesn’t need to look bare at the end of the year. Be sure to invest in some hardy, yet attractive perennials so that your garden still boasts some bold shades of green as we approach Christmas and the New Year. Additionally, you might consider planting a seasonal holly tree, or perhaps the delicate white flowers of the Clematis Jingle Bells.

When autumn draws to a close, be prepared to add some pretty fairy lights dotted up your garden walls and fences or perhaps draped across a tree. This will provide the finishing touch to creating a really magical space to enjoy well into the autumn and beyond.

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