Create a Big Brother Style Garden

04 Jun Create a Big Brother Style Garden

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Celebrity Big Brother Garden, 2014

The Secret Recipe to a Big Brother Style Garden

So you’ve seen the shows and you absolutely love the style of Big Brother’s garden? Why not bring Big Brother to your house?

Forget the cameras and the annoying house mates, one of the other great things about the huge reality TV show is the interior and exterior design of the show’s set – the Big Brother House.

Every year the theme is altered slightly and the design of the house is altered in accordance, but it is always edgy and colourful and sharp. The clean designs are often created with super modern furniture, bright garish colours and unusual shapes. They make use of different elements, including water, wood, glass and flowers to decorate and supplement the design.

But we want to focus on how you can create your very own Big Brother style garden and some of the key elements seen in episodes of the hit reality TV show.

One of the most commonly reoccurring features of the Big Brother garden is actually the grass itself. Whilst the surroundings often change, from bright colours to entirely wooden sets, there seems to always be a portion of artificial grass.

Why is it important that the grass is artificial? In this case, it gives the Big Brother garden a very specific lush, summer green look, it is durable, and, most importantly, that for the duration of the show it requires no maintenance. It is short and neat and it keeps itself that way.

Big Brother is Watching

Regardless of what version of Big Brother’s garden you’d like to emulate, the grass is a crucial element and can be the foundation for the rest of your garden. Creating paths, selecting areas for grass and flower beds is quite simple and cost effective. Building up the rest of your vision around particular areas of grass, paving, and potentially decking, is how you emphasise the character of your garden. The artificial grass, paths, and paving simply create a blueprint for the layout of your garden, creating you a canvas to work with as you build up your style. It also makes it easier for you to create some different layouts.

Most Big Brother gardens feature heavily modern and arty pieces of furniture which can turn out to be a touch costly, but if you’re feeling particularly creative it is possible to see furniture in obscure places – by turning oil drums into tables and crates into sofas you have yourself the beginnings of an unusual and slightly eccentric garden.

Finishing Up

Once you’ve created your foundation and furnished it with your super modern chairs and tables it is now time to complete. This can mean anything from flowers and Edward Scissorhands-esque bush art to solid blocks of colour surrounding your garden.

The Big Brother house has been home to many a swimming pool and hot tub making it an excellent social hub. If you’re a Big Brother fanatic and a bit of a socialite, perhaps it is time you started planning your very own Big Brother garden, with no-maintenance artificial grass and super modern furniture.

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