Artificial Grass Around Your Swimming Pool

20 May Artificial Grass Around Your Swimming Pool

Experience the luxury and comfort of soft and supple grass around your swimming pool with our ultra-realistic, highly durable and zero maintenance lawns that will bring a splash of colour and to your poolside.

Why Would I Benefit From An Artificial Pool Surround?

An artificial grass pool surround not only looks great, but it can also make a ‘real’ difference too. For instance, why should you be burdened with the hassle of cleaning, mowing and watering grass? Simple answer, you shouldn’t! You should be free to bask in the sunshine or take care of more important things.

An artificial grass pool surround makes that dream a reality. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass doesn’t require back-breaking labour to achieve amazing.

How Much Mess Would There Be?

There’s nothing better than feeling clean and refreshed after a leisurely swim am I right? Well, unfortunately for natural grass owners this is a feeling that is relatively short-lived; because as soon as they get out, mud collects underfoot dirtying their feet and discolouring their grass in the process.

Laying down an artificial grass lawn however, alleviates this problem entirely! That means no more worrying about muddy footprints around the home, no more dipping into your pocket for lawn care products and no more messing around when you could be relaxing.

Would It Be Safe For Children And For Pets?

If you have kids or pets then you’ll certainly be aware of the problems that can arise when they are playing round the poolside. In a bid to effectively minimize these problems, artificial grass has been purposely designed to act as a highly effective slip-proof surface – functional, strong but notably soft.

Furthermore, since synthetic grass doesn’t require the use of toxic substances such as pesticides, you can be reassured knowing that your children (and/or your pets) aren’t inhaling any nasty chemicals.

What Other Benefits Can I Expect To Gain?

In addition to all the amazing features previously mentioned, synthetic grass owners can also expect a pristine-looking patch all year round. So regardless of whether it’s a scorching summer or blustery winter, you’ll always have that perfect swimming pool surround.

Where Can I Find Out More Information?

Instead of trawling through the internet why not talk to some artificial grass gurus. With over a decade of experience Artificial Grass Installers are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of artificial grass lawns and lawn installations.

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