2016 Gardening Trends

28 Jan 2016 Gardening Trends

Pink Phlox

Pink Phlox

The end of 2016 saw a flurry of articles, pretty pictures, and predictions as magazines, blogs, and the gardening industry as a whole predicted what all you green fingered gardeners out there would be going wild for in 2016. We’re talking gardening trends, and there’s some interesting ones out there so let’s take a look at what’s already creating a buzz for this year.

Garden Ideas On Pinterest

If something is being talked about, then it’s highly likely photo evidence will likely make its way on to Pinterest, the virtual pin board/scrapbook that’s full of creative ideas for pretty much everything.

House Beautiful have gathered together their 22 predictions for what they think will be ‘popular Pinterest pins’ in 2016 which include making your own eco-friendly insect sprays. There’s also idea for using egg shells, banana skins, and coffee grounds to improve your soil. You best be ready to do a bit of DIY garden style, because they also predict raised garden beds will be a hot trend this year. With so many different shapes and sizes available, and frames that you can grow plants up, this looks like a versatile way of designing your outdoor space.

Trends Retailers Should Respond To

How are customer lifestyles developing and changing, and what needs could retailers meet through their stores? One of the key concerns for parents is educating their children on where food comes from, and encouraging them to spend time outside. Retailers have a great opportunity to help all you parents out there through classes, marketing campaigns and product ranges in-store.

Parents are among an ever growing number that shun the commuter lifestyle and work from home. This may be nothing new, but perhaps we will see retailers tap into this trend, and provide solutions to the problem of creating a suitable working space outside. Look out for product selections that show how desks and equipment can be shaded from the sun, or protected from rain water, and how plants can create an inspiring patio space to work from.

Planting Trends For 2016

After bleak and miserable winters, there’s nothing better than seeing a garden burst into life and this year will see outdoor planting go bold and bright. It’s been predicted by many that vivid colour will be a popular trend with bedding plants such as gerbera, dianthus, and phlox (pictured) sure to grab attention with their Summer blooms.

At the other end of the colour spectrum is a whole range of plants based around ‘nostalgia’ so you can order your fair share of delicate shades as well. One example is a petunia in an apricot sorbet shade, one of the new plants coming in this year, alongside a ‘bedding’ version of sweet pea called Northern Lights, which is getting the press excited.

The trend for edible gardening is also gathering pace, with seed and plant retailers providing more products for home owners with small spaces, looking to grow their own in planters and window boxes. If you do have a garden, but don’t want to go overboard with the fruit and vegetables then you’ll also find fruit trees you can grow as standards, and bush versions of beans, peas, and mini sweetcorn.

Better Lawns

Many busy homeowners are turning to artificial grass and we expect this trend to continue. Artificial lawns are always cut to the perfect length, never require weed control and area lush green all year round. This is a very tempting product for busy people and those who would just prefer to focus on tending to the borders and flower pots.

Whether you are looking for an easy to manage artificial lawn, or a cottage garden style patio area, small planting areas, or a whole landscaped garden – there are new plants, new trends, and an ever growing number of ideas coming your way in 2016, the question is – which will your green fingers create in your garden or outdoor space?

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