Make Your Carpets Last Longer With Artificial Grass

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24 Jan Make Your Carpets Last Longer With Artificial Grass

How an artificial grass surface can save costs by helping you keep your home cleaner and protect carpets from becoming dirty and wearing out prematurely.

Save money on carpeting maintenance and replacement with fake grass

While artificial grass is gaining in popularity thanks to the advances in its quality and usability, there is the initial consideration of installation cost. It’s fair to say this upfront investment is offset by significant savings compared to the costs of maintaining a conventional grass surface.

A hidden cost benefit

Along with savings on water bills (no watering required) and gardening materials such as tools, possibly fertilisers and grass conditioning products (no maintenance required) is another often overlooked cost and convenience benefit; the cleanliness of your home and, in particular, the carpeting.

The dirt trail

With conventional grass, even if people going in and out of the house from the garden wipe their feet properly a degree of dirt and debris from the outside can’t help but get into the house and onto the carpets. It’s said it takes around 17 steps before the soles of footwear are completely clean.

Even in dry conditions, pollen and dust particles can find their way indoors and, when conditions are wetter, mud and dirt can be an unwanted visitor hitching a ride on clothing and footwear.

Grass clippings can be a nuisance; if damp grass has been mown or there’s been rainfall soon after mowing then – unless the mower picks up every last blade of grass – it’s highly possible loose, damp grass clippings will stick to shoes and find their way indoors. Grass stains can be difficult to remove, and repeated punishment will see you having to either get the carpet cleaned professionally or even being compelled to replace it once staining becomes too ingrained.

Repeated exposure to dirt particles can accelerate carpet wear. It’s something that creeps up over time as small particles and debris will, if not immediately removed by vacuuming, weave into the carpet pile to the point where they can’t be removed through conventional domestic vacuuming.

The particles act as a type of knife cutting the small carpet fibres through being worked in inadvertently by repeated footfalls, and eventually the carpet deteriorates through wear.

Of course it’s not always practical to vacuum every time someone comes indoors from the outside, so the only alternative is to insist everyone takes their shoes off or have some sort of protective mat running the length of a ‘high footfall’ carpet such as a hallway or lobby. Even then you can’t guarantee zero dirt and debris finding its way into the house and onto your carpets.

The artificial grass answer

An artificial surface professionally installed to a high standard will remove concerns of dirt, mud and excess water. Part of the installation includes efficient drainage, so water even after severe rainfalls doesn’t gather and there’s no soil that can be brought indoors or that may turn to mud.

Offsetting the cost

As with most investments in the home, initial costs need to be considered alongside the longer term benefits.

As with, say, the cost of a home improvement such as installing a new bathroom or building an extension being balanced against likely gains in an increased property value, similarly the investment in installing artificial grass should be balanced against money saved in the longer term.

The benefits of a cleaner home and longer lasting carpets is definitely a hidden yet potentially significant cost saving.

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