Happy Hounds with Artificial Grass

22 Dec Happy Hounds with Artificial Grass

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Why artificial lawns are proving to be a popular pet friendly choice amongst dog owners

Abby Chamberlain, owner of Poochie Play Centre in Derby, is benefiting from less mud and mess in the house and a durable lawn for her pooches thanks to artificial grass.

Many may have never considered replacing a natural lawn with artificial grass. However, this is a choice that is growing in popularity thanks to a number of benefits that artificial grass has to offer, particularly to those who own dogs and are fed up of the mess created by their pets and the wear and tear taking place on a previously luscious lawn.

Someone who can vouch for this is Abby Chamberlain from Derbyshire. Abby is the owner of Poochie Play Centre, a dog day care centre. She made the decision to switch from a natural lawn to artificial grass after she found that her natural lawn was not up to the challenge of catering to the many dogs that visit the centre. She saw that her lawn was left in a rather sad state, with a number of worn out patches, and was tired of the mud and mess caused by the dogs while playing in the garden and then running through the house.

“We look after 40 dogs from the centre in Derby and take home six to 10 for home boarding, so the lawn was brown, patchy and worn-out in places and in need of a bit of TLC,” she said. Interestingly, she added that even the dogs seem happier since switching to this pet-friendly alternative to a natural lawn and that it has made life at the centre easier and cleaner.

What Are The Benefits Of An Artificial Lawn?

Artificial grass is far more durable than a natural lawn, yet maintains both a realistic and attractive appearance along with an authentic feel. Unlike a natural lawn, the state of an artificial grass lawn can be easily maintained all year round since it will not dry out during the summer months and does not become waterlogged during rainy periods like natural lawns have a tendency to.

Furthermore the length and the finish of these artificial lawns make it easy to clean, and hours can be saved every week that may have previously been spent mowing or trimming. For these reasons artificial alternatives would be a great choice for many, including dog owners like Abby and her happy pooches.

Getting Your Artificial Lawn Installed Professionally

If the hassles of handling the traditional garden lawn sound familiar, then an artificial lawn could be the answer you are looking for. If you do decide that a new and improved lawn is for you, it is important to have it professionally installed in order to achieve the perfect finish.

Lawns only take a day to be installed by experienced artificial grass installers, so the change causes very little inconvenience.

There are a great range of styles, shades and heights available, a number of which have been designed specifically for a variety of purposes, including grass for pool sides, roof gardens, play areas and corporate events as well as the classic garden lawn where pet owners’ much-loved hounds can play. You should visit some show lawns before making a final decision on the style you want, and we always bring large samples for you to examine.

So, give yourself and your pet a treat with a new hassle free lawn! For more information or to book a no-obligation appointment, contact us today on 020 3633 1505 or 07519 017125

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