Drought Likely To Hit Britain This Summer

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14 Jun Drought Likely To Hit Britain This Summer

We are only in June and already weather forecasters are predicting a summer drought as another heatwave is set to slowly move across the UK. Already there are reports of unseasonably low water levels in some of our most important reservoirs and lakes. Some water companies are preparing for the prospect of water rationing, and it is possible we will see standpipes in some streets as parts of towns and cities become totally dry.

Is This Global Warming?

Maybe! Although we have experienced severe droughts in the past, with the infamous heatwave of 1976 which caused droughts across the country, and further heat waves and droughts occurred throughout the 80s and 90s, so it could just be a drier than normal year.

Weather forecasters are predicting temperatures to rise to the high 20s, with some areas hitting 30 degrees in the south. While this is great news for sun worshippers, it is bad news for gardeners, and even worse for those who like to keep a lush lawn. The combination of hot and dry conditions, and the inevitable hosepipe ban, means that lawns across the country will quickly start to turn brown and bare.

Simon Partridge, the Met Office’s lead forecaster, explained: “From mid-June until August the country will be warmer than average. We could see some very hot spells reaching 85F (29C) in the South and 79F (26C) in the North.”

25% Less Rainfall

All UK water companies collected around 25% less rainfall during the last winter than the norm, but the biggest problems are in the south-east, where 63% less rain fell in October 2017, and 34% less in November.

The result of this is that groundwater levels are now either at “exceptionally” or “notably” low levels in the south east, meaning quite simply that our vital aquifer sources are drying up.

Southern Water raised the first warning in January this year when they applied for a drought permit to allow them to take more water from the River Medway in Kent. Other water companies, including Affinity Water, Sutton and East Surrey Water and South East Water, have all issued drought warnings.

artificial-grass_0635Artificial Grass To The Rescue

If you do not wish the suffer a bare lawn, but also wish to maintain your local water supplies, then there is a simple solution – install artificial grass! Artificial grass keeps its colour all year round, rain or shine, and needs no water, no fertilizers and no maintenance. While your neighbour’s gardens start to resemble a scene from a spaghetti western, you will have the perfect level lawn of lush green grass that is a pleasure to walk on, play on and sunbathe on. You’ll be the envy of the street and your neighbours will soon be knocking on your door to ask how you keep such a luscious, beautiful lawn. Well, you can proudly tell them that you’re another satisfied customer of Artificial Grass Installers in Essex!

While nobody likes a wet autumn, it is clear that the UK is in desperate need of a damp end to the summer and a cold and wet autumn to help replenish our water supplies. Or course, with artificial grass, while your neighbours’ lawns start to become boggy underfoot this autumn, yours will stay green and vibrant.

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