Don’t Let A Wet Spring Bog You Down

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25 Apr Don’t Let A Wet Spring Bog You Down

The many advantages of installing an artificial surface to replace real grass including low maintenance, lower costs in the long run, and environmental benefits.

Say goodbye to wet grass and clogged mowers with an artificial surface

The arrival of spring hopefully offers the chance to get out in the garden, and usually heralds the first cut of grass and getting the lawn mower out of winter hibernation. If it’s a wet start to the spring, then enjoying the lawn is postponed for a while and mowing can be a trial as wet clumps of grass make the job messier and longer than usual.

Many householders are turning to artificial grass to alleviate the drawbacks of wet spring weather; modern fake grass surfaces offer the aesthetics and benefits of real grass minus the disadvantages.

Strides in artificial grass design and technology

The standard of artificial grass has improved at a rapid rate in recent years making it a viable proposition for more householders and some commercial organisations. The promise of virtually no maintenance and the drastic saving of the time and money spent on the upkeep of real grass is seeing more artificial surfaces being installed throughout the UK and beyond.

The Royal Horticultural Society predict that many more natural grass areas will be replaced by a synthetic surface due to climate change.

Many advantages

If you decide to have some artificial grass installed, you’ll derive many benefits over your old grass:

Virtually zero maintenance – no more mowing, edging, watering, fertilising, scarifying, treating for moss and other grass-related issues or having to do any returfing and reseeding. All your new artificial grass will require is the occasional brushing away of debris and that’s about it.

Ongoing cost savings – while installing artificial grass would be costlier than returfing, you’ll save money thereafter since there’s really nothing to spend on maintenance as there is with real grass:

To tend grass you’ll need:

  • A lawnmower – maybe fuel for it or at least some electricity not to mention new blades now and again
  • Water – you’ll likely need to water the grass at some stage if there’s a dry spell so adding to your water bill
  • Fertilisers and associated materials – fertiliser, weedkiller, moss killers and other materials aren’t cheap and may be frequently required

Wide choice – various types and ‘finishes’ of artificial grass is available so choose from our range of luxury artificial grass; from a longer style to a more closely mown look, the choice is yours.

Environmentally friendly – artificial grass is usually made of recycled plastics, and thereafter offers many environmental benefits over real grass.

Because there’s no real maintenance required, you won’t be using water, emitting CO2 from a petrol powered mower, or running the risk of fertilisers and other chemicals you may use on real grass running off the surface and entering the drainage system.

Durability – a good quality artificial grass installation will stand up to punishment better than real grass, especially in wet conditions. Energetic children playing or pets scrambling about can soon scuff up natural grass and even cause lasting damage while an artificial surface can take vigorous use more in its stride.

Landlords and tenants benefit equally – if you’re a landlord, then artificial grass is ideal for your rental property as you’re not relying on your tenant to keep the grass tidy. By the same token potential tenants could be attracted to renting your property knowing they won’t have to spend time mowing a lawn that isn’t their own.

Security, safety and convenience

If you own a holiday home or other property you don’t spend much time at, then knowing the grass doesn’t need constant mowing and attention is a great help. For instance you won’t have the concern over securely storing valuable garden equipment such as mowers to avoid the risk of theft.

Similarly, when you go on holiday grass won’t be growing in your absence and thus signalling that your home is unattended. It’s also convenient to remove the chore of cutting long grass as soon as you get back or organising mowing while you’re away.

There won’t be any safety concerns about keeping chemical based materials such as fertilisers away from pets and children.

Any drawbacks to artificial grass?

The only one might be the absence of that ‘freshly cut grass’ smell; but then if you’re not having to free up a grass clogged mower it may be a small price to pay.

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