Choosing a Grade of Artificial Grass

22 Apr Choosing a Grade of Artificial Grass

Choose Grass with Class

So you’ve decided to get artificial grass. Nice one. But the hardest decision is yet to come – what grade of artificial grass is best for you?

After deciding that you’re going to join the elite ranks of those with artificial grass, the next question you need to answer is – what grade of grass is for me?

Now, maybe you think we’re being a little finicky about this, but grade really matters and it is highly dependent on what you intend on doing with your grass. For example, if you just have strips of grass for decorative reasons, you have to pick the type of artificial grass that best suits your aesthetic. Looking for something Mediterranean? Then the Palma Artificial Grass grade could be the grass for you.

But, if, for example, you own a sports club and you want to buy an artificial turf to reduce costs and long-term damage then we have a range of Fourth Generation Artificial Grass that is available on request.

Every user is different, so you’re garden and your new, artificial grass will need to represent that. But where to start?

What Are Grades of Artificial Grass?

Whether you are looking for a grass that provides a beautiful aesthetic or a practical activity area, there are many grades of grass available that offer you a range of options. Trying to find the right combination of options can sometimes be confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but it’s generally quite simple.

Artificial grass comes at different lengths and different densities. You can also decided based on colour or how soft it is.

Most people will have a natural preference when it comes to the look and feel of the artificial grass that they choose. From a light spring look to a darker early-summer green, you can choose just how lush and fresh looking you want your lawn. The texture is harder to gauge of course.

You have an option between medium pile and long pile, much like a carpet. In fact, choosing a grade of grass is a lot like choosing a grade of carpet. The longer pile the grass, the softer it is likely to be and, of course, the more costly. Different grades will set you back different amounts, but the quality is, as you’d expect, relative.


The main factor of quality that you need to consider when selecting an effective artificial grass is its durability. All grades of artificial grass are designed to withstand a large amount of wear and tear but the best quality grades get extra treatment.

All quality grades should be UV stabilised to prevent long-term UV degradation and discolouration. The very best grades will be made with a high-density polyethylene called PE Resoft yarn, this ensures strong, resilient and flexible blades of grass.

Choosing certain grades of artificial grass can be the difference of hundreds of pounds, but quality often pays off in the long run as it has better longevity and endurance to weather and activity. If you’re just planning on looking at your lawn, a cheaper option may suit you best, but if you have kids and pets, a stronger quality of artificial grass is definitely recommended. If you have any more questions, have a look through our FAQ.

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