Artificial Grass Transforms Injured Marine’s Garden And Life

23 Oct Artificial Grass Transforms Injured Marine’s Garden And Life

Jason Burn and his wife, on the new lawnRoyal Marines Charitable Trust Fund Comes To The Rescue

A life-changing charity has installed some artificial grass in the garden of an ex-marine who was physically unable to maintain his family lawn.

Artificial grass installations are rising in popularity as they are the perfect solution for a busy family who have no time to mow their lawn or worry about reseeding those unsightly bald patches. However, for ex-Marine Jason Burn, artificial grass has managed to go one step further and has provided him with a much-needed source of enjoyment and relaxation.

Ex-Marine Struggled With Garden Maintenance

45-year-old Jason Burn, who was a Warrant Officer for the Royal Marines, was injured during a mortar attack in Afghanistan during 2011 after a 26 year career in the Forces. He was left heavily reliant on the use of mobility aids to get around, which made caring for his patchy, weedy and uneven garden an impossible task for him.

Mentally, Jason was also struggling as he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and rarely left the confines of his house in South Shields. His wife Andrea was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which is a rheumatic condition causing stiffness and pain to various muscular groups in the body, so she was also unable to tackle the burden of their garden.

Royal Marines Charitable Trust Steps In

Luckily, help was at hand in the form of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, who assigned Artificial Grass Ltd from Cumbria to install an artificial lawn in the Burns’ garden. In less than a day’s work, they were able to remove the slopes and level the garden, then added some sand and finally laid the top layer of turf. You can see the full transformation here.

Both Jason and Andrea as well as their three children have been overjoyed at the results. The garden tempts them outside in all weathers and has made such an impact on Jason’s psychological health as he says – “It’s been massive for me mentally. Having fun with the kids in the back garden has put a smile back on my face that I’d lost”.

Artificial Grass Can Boost The Value Of Your Home

Jason Burns and his family will no doubt be pleased to learn that having an artificial lawn can potentially boost the value of a home and that many estate agents are now mentioning the existence of fake grass as a desirable property feature.

Synthetic lawns make a great first impression to prospective buyers, particularly if they’re viewing your property during the winter months when the garden will still look luscious and fresh. This is in stark contrast to other properties which may have much shabbier and less appealing gardens that are a reminder of the maintenance required to look after them. Artificial lawns are also extremely child-friendly as they provide a soft landing surface for accident-prone kids and they reduce the likelihood of dirt being dragged onto a house carpet from a muddy lawn.

The Burns’ heart-warming story may inspire many to install an artificial lawn in their own garden. However, regardless of whether you’re looking at installing artificial grass in Essex or East Sussex, Humberside or Huntingdon, it’s vital that you only use a reputable company that specialises in the fitting of artificial lawns, to ensure that you get the best quality possible for you and your garden.

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